Concepts mean nothing. It’s a mere understanding we must have with the sense of justice. I believe having an answer to ‘Why in love?’ Is not right.

Cause if love had a reason, then it becomes a theory, a mere subject which can be studied. But love is beyond definition. It’s magic. It has no answers and no questions. It is just love. And I feel it and it feels good. And the only way one can believe its true is that it makes you smile when thought about. it makes you cry when thought about. At time you get angry, at times you get sad. When you can feel all of that and still feel yourself floating on a cloud of happiness, you know you are in love. With anything, anyone, anytime.

I feel it in my photos, In my food and my art, cause it has been captured within colors, without the rhyme. Within the beauty, without the time.

I only wish to show it to you❤